Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Studio Snooping

This just may be the front of the house below,
hard to tell, but I am going by the number
of the shot. The back part
can't be seen from this view.
Big old places with fences like
like this melt my heart and I wish I had a
friend living there that would allow me to
poke around the entire house to
my heart's content!

Wednesday the 23rd July 2008

I drove up a hilly street, took a right

and then down a hilly street

stopping to take this photo of

the back of a house I had taken

the front of on the up hill street.

So this house sets quite a ways

back as it on the other street.

Clear as mud? It may not show

well in this size but there is a man in there

in what looks like a studio

with brushes by the windows. Made me

feel a bit sleazy.

like I was working for The Inquirer .


Anonymous said...

You could stop and knock at the door, the owner might just let you look in. You could tell them you were some type of inspector!!! I just love old houses with fences and porches.

Anonymous said...

Oh Hello there....I'm Inspector Liarmoore from the Maine Historical Housing Assocaition...We have chosen by unnanamous vote, your beautiful home to be one of Maine's finest examples of bygone eras. Would you please allow me to come in to photograph the rooms for the book we are compiling. Of course we will be giving you several copies for your family and Eastport's Historical Archives. The Governor himself will be touring your home for an article for Art and Antiques and asked me to give you his best wishes."

Anonymous said...