Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Black Beauty

At first I thought this was a humming

bird with about a 4 inch wing span,

flitting around the fence flowers. And

fumbling to get my Cybershot camera out of my

pocketbook, I was happy it hung around

so I could get a pretty clear photo. It

was not easy to get the detail with

it being in constant motion--one of

yesterday's moments of joy....


Anonymous said...

Just a great photo, isn't it amazing what we seen when we are looking. Some people never see anything, which is really sad., nature is so beautiful. My son has blue birds in is yard and it is not a yard for blue birds. Would never have seen them if he was not a bird watcher!!! Now the family is getting ready to leave the nest.

Anonymous said...

Your comments are so true.
When I see bluebirds and especially if I get to to photo them will be a thrill for me----did I tell you the problem with all the freeze ups must have been the mouse---as installing a new plain generic type solved the problem---oh happy day !

Anonymous said...

The Dark Night Butterfly stops by Jill's Tavern for a little drink of nectar before heading home to see the wife and kids.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dark Knight commenter--being annomymous keeps it a secret who one of the creative writers is....