Monday, April 4, 2016

Sri Lanka Women Watching Google Camera Car

This is the sketch I did from the Google
Street View
below is the Google Street View I came upon and wanted to
do for a The Virtural Paintout for April 2016
that is in Sri Lanka.

Below is the completed post in my sketchbook
that started with the sketch, then watercolors, then ink
then Acrylic , then colored pencils...known as "mixed media"
You have to CLICK to see much better..
You will see all three by clicking on them when you get just one--
 click on it again and another one will be there etc.

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ask questions...
I love to hear from you.


winna said...

It's interesting to note 2 of the women are carrying umbrellas, not for rain but for the hot sun...they are now under a huge tree...must be something to be there and sketch and hear all the colorful words and feel the air etc. When you sketch on site, you relive these feelings each time you see your work...and it all comes back.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Hi Winna, May I suggest you add to your widgets on the right side (at the top so people see it) an email subscription, it will auto magically send subscribers an email when you do a new post. It's easy for you, no set up at all other than adding the widget blogger provides, and easy for folks to keep up with your new posts and artwork.
Your number one fan Elaine

Irene said...

And you said you didn't travel! To be perfectly honest, Winna, after a year or so, your "trip to Sri Lanka" here will likely be as real in your memories as many peoples' "real" trips are in theirs. Think about that!

Anyway,I love this workshop you're doing. Enjoy! People here go out with their umbrellas in the sun here in Belize, too. Parasols. I do it myself. It's SO much nicer to carry a little shade around, rather than baking and sweating puddles on a hot day.

Amber said...

so cool to transform the google pic into the sketch! love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! great job noni!!!!!!!!!!!!