Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Around the Place

Every once in a while I decide to photo
 some of the things around here that
I'd like to save on Winnas World... 
  each assemblage has a story for me
to remember and I love to do this type of
expressive puttering around. This was this morning
and I liked the way the light was hitting thing
s as the sun had not been out in awhile
......too busy snowing etc. CLICK
to see much better !


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Love the blue glass hand

winna said...

Thanks Captain...it's in the hallway window, with other blue glass stuff I think no one ever notices. I love to walk down the hallway and see it all with different lights.

Irene said...

How lovely to visit you today. By the way, it was easy to access your Flicker site from this page. Were you having some trouble with it earlier?
I should go around my house and do some photos like that. Thanks for the inspiration!

winna said...

This comment is from an old friend......Hi You - You have been a busy girl taking pictures. I had to laugh at the red kitchen utensils with the little muffin guy, he looked like the Disney character from "Frozen" with a suntan!! The blue hand was remarkable looked almost liquid and very interesting. The glove and things , of course ,is my favorite . I could almost guess your personality and life things with that piece .As we travel down the yellow brick road , ok red brick road, we grab the key to adventure, put on a few pieces of our favorite jewelry and our elegant and beautiful leather gloves. We are outdoors, it is chilly and the wind is blowing, you can smell the salt air and we are searching the beach for treasures and nature does not disappoint . Remember take off your beautiful gloves before reaching into the sand to retrieve the treasure. There gleaming in front of us is sea glass and a small man tossed to us by Neptune . The glass sparkles but the little man intrigues us,, did we once know him? will we know him?? is this what a soul looks like ? is he between worlds ? oh so many questions. The rocks scattered around us are polished and shined into natures jewelry and tucked among them is a fish, beautiful and shimmery - enjoy it now the wave is about to break and take him back to the water. Oh look, up pops the French Clown , Piero ( sp.?) he is golden! He gives us a wonderful gift, that of laughter and we enjoy the day and we are so lucky to have brought our brushes to capture the essence of the day for us and for many others to enjoy with us . Thank you Jill for a fun day .