Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Botched Intentions

The photo pretty much spells it out and
 left clicking photo should bring
it up easier to read.
  What puzzles me is.... why is there
even a crumb, let alone a bite, left on the plate?
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Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Who is Gail, and why does she get the money? and the napkin? Was there anything in the box for the doggie? You don't have a dog do you? I thought you were a cat person... now I'm all confused... photos do that to me... I prefer drawings and paintings.

winna said...

Gail is a friend for eons that I meet about 6 times a year for breakfast--that's her money as she always insists on buying my breakfast---I do appreciate it and love to talk talk talk talk to her...we all have at least one friend like that I think....she sat opposite me so that's her "place" and napkin all scrunched up....when you take anything home from eateries (forgot how to spell resteraunt) they call it a doggie bag even if it's really a' people' one...I really am a cat person who admires dogs very much. Oh, in the box are leftover home fries and omelette.....that reminds me, there's this photo of Gail I took holding one of her chickens I always wanted to put in my journal and since I have hit a "dead zone" in any creative ability I might have to draw (this happens all of a sudden and thank God, not frequently)....maybe you comment and my reply will turn on the brain burners and I can feel good about finally doing this momentous work of art....:-) winna