Wednesday, January 19, 2011

crepes and crikey

Above is my breakfast today---some wonderful crepes made with whole wheat
flour (from Cooks .com) filled with flavored lite cream cheese and chopped
walnuts....topped with lite syrup, more nuts and bit of parsley for color
seems heavenly to find a way to enjoy such a treat that I can
make myself...looked better not sliced for a photo
then below I get a chance to use the English (Cockney?) term
"Crikey ! "---for not moving myself a bit when
taking this horse photo---to eliminate the
tall grass thing in front of his nozzle... my brother in law
was elected for 10 terms I believe
and found a new use for the political signs


MaryO said...

No reflection on your BIL, but I think that's the best use ever for political signs!
Love your crepes, bet they were yummy!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you go through all that work for breakfast...haven't you ever heard of PopTarts??
Nice photo of the horses....can't wait to see Joe Lieberman's shed!

Elza said...

That breakfast looks good enough to paint. Like your work on this page and am now going to spend some time on your Flickr page.

winna said...

Yes, Mary---sort of buried in farmland fertilizer !

winna said...

Dear Anonymus---lets go see what
Joe's place looks like, then do lunch...Pop Tarts aren't all that healthy and I can use all the good helath I can get...I made the Crepes the day before and froze them---NEVER (I don't think) would I stand there and make them fresh while I am half awake and wanting some with my coffee---you must try my KCups coffee Tea or Cocoa---all sooooooo delicious---bring your own cup for "take out"....winna

Deborah said...

I just wanted to pop in and tell you what an inspiration you are! Thank you so much for all your comments lately on my blog and I hope you enjoy The Miracle in Mercy Land as much as I did.

Your sketches, and your healthy meals are just so great - your blog is a wonderful place to sit a spell!