Thursday, May 28, 2009


Click on photo to see bigger
I found this page I hadn't ever posted
as it's a EDM Challenge to draw a spray bottle
I decided to post it rather late as it was done last Oct.
I think at the time if I had looked around
more I could have found other bottle's
that some artist designed, as all man made things are
....even animals design for their needs....


Owen said...

It's interesting to see over the year how your work is very much your work and yet how much it has developed.

Anonymous said...

I agree copmpletely Owen---I saw that too---winna

bettyfromtexas said...

Owen made such an apt comment! This is a lovely spread!

Claire M said...

What a cool collection of 'spray containers'. It is really neat how you captured them from different angles. Very interesting to the eye!!

Anonymous said...

I knew a lot of people would not care for this page but to see what Owen mentioned I thought would be interesting--it happens to all of you---just doing the work will bring improvements--where you want them--weather it be technical or emotional delivery.. winna

freebird said...

The point isn't the interesting or uninteresting bottle but how you turned it into a design and you did that well. People will be drawn to look at this page so pat yourself on the back and don't worry about a pretty spray bottle anymore.

Anonymous said...

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