Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Breakfast and Barnboards

EDM #18 Draw a view through the
window of just about anything
(left click on photo to see enlarged)


Going out to breakfast with

Gail has been a highlight in my

life as we both bring show and tell

bags and catch up on our lives..

I also eat more than I ever do

at home and marvel that I

manage not to leave a crumb

on the plate. The time too

soon, comes for us to get in

our cars out in the parking lot by the

railroad tracks and as I head out

I see this great old barn and then

have to turn

right to go home. It always

reminds me of bygone days when

barns were the best things to work in,

to play in and to store things away. I'd

love to have one out in my yard right now.


Alex said...

I want the 2 of everything... SPECIAL!! Hahahaha.. it's so funny!
:) I love your sketch as always Winna, and the garage looks fantastic! I really wonder what's in that Show&Tell Goodie Bag.

Terri Kahrs said...

Great sketch, Winna! Reminds me of breakfast dates I have with one of my good friends. We try to get together every six weeks or so @ the local IHOP for a pancake breakfast!

Owen said...

Winna, your art-play is always wonderful. What else can one say? :)

Claire M said...

What a lovely page to remember your special day.

scus said...

Hope you enjoyed breakfast with Gail, recognized the barn., great job.

Anonymous said...

I love your work!

Sandy said...

Oh how I agree about barns, luckily NE still has lots! This barn is beautifully recorded here forever.

scatterbrain said...

Really like your barn sketch. We have a big old barn out in the front of our house that is starting to cave in. Your sketch makes me want to get out and draw or paint it while its still there.

Deborah said...

Your artwork is just amazing. I love your pages! I too have an affection for barns and they seem to be disappearing. One that I really loved and have sketched so many times was torn down recently to make room for an addition to the highway! Yuck! I was so disappointed but so glad I had the sketches. Did you do this drawing from memory? The cup and the utensils amaze me with their accuracy! GORGEOUS and so very charming!!

Sarah Ketelaars said...

Great pages and i like what you wrote too... lovely.

Anonymous said...

I have an extensive library of photos I take for future works etc---if I do something a few times I can sometimes do it by memory--but usually it is sketched on the spot or my photos are used to sketch from. winna