Monday, November 24, 2014

Texture Time

Below see watercolor painting spread of
textures I usually do with acrylics..
I could only do them as I wanted, if
I matte sprayed between layers of
applied texture...
Another texture work I love---a photo of
an old beaten boat in a boat school yard in
Eastport Maine....I am shooting upwards..
let me know if you look at
 this upload to Winnas World as I don't
think anyone looks at it
 and have been wicked lax in posting.


winna said...

anybody out there wanting to see Winna's World have more uploads?

Diane D said...

Yes please post more. Your work is always inspiring. Your colours are so beautiful, deep and rich. And now textures. :) Love these textures Winna.

winna said...

Thank you Diane---do I know you ???

Anonymous said...

I just started following your work. LOVE your watercolors. LOVE everything you do actually. Keep posting please!
Thanks for sharing,
Grandma Nancy

Dan Kent said...

Yes, ma'am! I've been lax in paying and in looking but I would greatly enjoy seeing this blog active again. rarely visit Flickr. Those textures are something! So it's just applying matte fixative between layers?

Dan Kent said...

On my phone - self corrects. Sigh. I meant posting, not paying.

harry bell said...

Yes, more posts, please. I'm just getting back into catching up.

Sandra said...

Please continue to post!!