Sunday, July 1, 2012

JKPP Tatie by winna

is where you are---up on the left you can click to my flickr site.

for new comers...JKPP is a site  you join
and draw from photos the members post of themselves...
a really quick raw ink sketch
 with softly added pencil touches...pencil
My usual heart is not very hidden here and could easily be 
trees in a value that would work well..I loved
her interaction with Elisa with the sunlit coat and her scarf especially
would work out well in color , it seems to me.


Jennifer Edwards said...

Terrific drawing Winna!

Sandra said...

The sketch is delightful. But the listing of other sites is amazing. You have found so many wonderful blogs to visit!

Irene said...

What would be great fun, Winna, would be to get all the people behind those sites all together in a (huge) room! What a mixing and mingling THAT would be!!!!!

ArtbyBernadette said...

Hi Winna,
Lovely sketch, and the heart looks perfect where it is!
I didn't know you are in JKPP, next time I'm in there, I'll look for you!

waikiki hotel said...

Such a great sketch, lovely! Keep it up, hope I can make one good sketch too. Thanks!