Friday, February 11, 2011

"Sitting Boat"

click on photo to see words better
this is the inside front cover of a new sketchbook
which will contain mostly Ireland memories of
a trip I took and now I am taking an Imaginary one in
an on-class with Laure Ferlita....
I am doing the work on watercolor paper
and gluing it into this blank journal
bought years ago..
this particular sketch was started with
watercolor pencils but completed with
my acrylics I am more comfortable
It's funny what will stay in your
memory forever---but this old boat
suddenly there... close to the road instead of
being far away across the
sweeping field to my left in
the sea.....
well that was awesome to me, being
in Ireland at the time...


Elza said...

You do make wonderful drawings. Complicated construction this, but you pulled it off. Happy travels, even if it's in the mind.

. said...

Thats trully lovely drawing (painting) and I like the topic for your book... I have so many places I would like to travel too, but we all know cost, time and again time is limiting some of the plans... "Imaginary trip" hey its free and I can do it while sitting in my kitchen (trying to clean or cook)... I might have to try this form of travel : ) Love your work, cant wait what you will do (or go) next!

Elza said...

Found your blog - so now when you post I can just come here. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

Claire M said...

This is wonderful and super exciting Winna!! I'm glad I stopped over here to take a peek. I'm enjoying traveling with you through Ireland. I'm a little behind in my assignments ... but I'll catch up!

kazumiwannabe said...

Fantastic drawing! Love the frame you draw, too, and the look of the whole book pages.