Thursday, January 7, 2010

Heads of Fate


I don't imagine anyone person can name all of these

Heads Of Fate hanging on a shelf edge in the

office/studio where I create something usually

daily---anything elephant size must be done in

the Studio Up or Studio Down located elsewhere. But you can try.

I think there's one in there, that will stop a perfect score.

I believe through fate, these different people have

come into my artistic life as inspirerators---

of course there is not room on this one shelf for all of them

so I may start adding to the living room up by the ceiling---

its hard to stop this urge to pay tribute..


There are 5 who have passed on

one Eastport soul, one teacher from Utah,

one brother, 3 enthuiastic female friends, 8 who

write or have been written about,

2 photographers, and several

are great wits..


As I see these folks here in this room, if any of them

give me uncomfortable vibes they will be

exchanged for others---can't have negativity

here where I work...that's self distructive


scus said...

I surely will not get an A in this one, Gail and your brother are the only ones I recognize!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Magritte a good answer?
This garland is really cool.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Rene Magritte---blows my mind anytime! Winna

Anonymous said...

This is really cool. I was shocked to see all of them done as I had only seen 1 just 2 days ago.
I like the "Garland" comment.
Don't see one of ME tho ????

Anonymous said...

I will ask you if we discuss art and other artists much? If not, that may be why you're not up there---you inspire my life in other ways to be sure..I love you to pieces...........Winna
(I hope I figured out who this is right )

Anonymous said...

I see Van Gogh, and the guy 4th from left looks like a Norman Rockwell character, but I have no idea about the others. :P

Winthrop said...

So that was Gail! and your brother and the guy you went to Ireland with and Van Gogh and a friend of yours in town? Oh, well, I have now forgotten the rest...Oh and the guy you painted from Maine!.

Anonymous said...

WInna, You are a head of your time!

Anonymous said...

I must admit I do see myself,and I am Honored to be hanging there.

Anonymous said...

I see Ellie, I bet she will be honored!

Anonymous said...

Nana, I still think that is so awesome! What a great decorative/inspirational tool :)