Sunday, December 6, 2009


During the Christmas rush it's nice
to be able to throw something together
with what you have in the fridge..
I used yesterday's roast chicken cut into chunks
and put them on a plate I just bought at
a Christmas Bazaar which needs
a pile of food on it to prevent
eyes from jumping around.
Then I spooned on some of CostCo's
Mango Salsa and since we're on
the Aruban route here...sliced on some bananas.
all that's missing is steele drum music
and swaying trade breezes...


Shirley said...


Your comment format is really easy - and it is So I don't know what makes some of the others so awful! I miss seeing your journal pages!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shirley, I do a variety of things and what goes on the blog is the 'soup of the day'....winna

Anonymous said...

I like the multi-art pieces you are not a one trick pony!!

Anonymous said...

How creative! Was it good?