Saturday, November 10, 2018

My Art Supplies My Soul

I started this for the theme "Supples"...
then got a really bad cold which I am still fighting off...
but 'some' energy has come back...haven't had 
one for years..well, this art supply project, got
 me back to finish it...and added colors...really needed 
it in the palette especially....I first did a similar 
Winna Design about 25 years ago on a red sweat shirt...
it still looks like I did not wear it much...
I'll include a photo of it later today...I may have
 taught others to do it...don't many students,0h,
so long ago....on the shirt the design goes 
all the way around the front and back....

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

"All That Remains"
In October 2018, the Virtual Painter group is
in Heshima, Japan...on The Ghost Island.
I got very interested in this place and watched videos,
read what I could .   In the 1890's it was 
an undersea coal mine island...and that 
was what existed there...the mining and the 
workers...a village sprung up....then, the population grew to 
5,259 living in high concrete  bldgs..,,,crowded etc. In 1974 
Minolta, who owned the mines , closed it all 
down and gave the people 3 months to get off the island. 
Thus it was abandoned and also felt 
some Atomic Bomb effects....Now, tourists visit to
feel its eeriness...

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Bird Lunch Counter

I put the old straw hat on my picnic table and weighted it with something heavy..
This way, I was able to get tons (well, maybe not tons) bird photos as they 
land to eat the seeds and also could get good shadows and light there. I believe this is a red wing blackbird. Right now, at my kitchen porch window I am getting a great red cardinal who often comes, to lunch with his wife....and a squirrel that is such a  sly one...and practically fearless...he keeps returning no matter what I threaten him with out the kitchen door..he KNOWS I don't mean half of what I holler..sooooooo...seeing as he is a rodent...I thought of spraying  the wooden feeder edge with Mouse Oust....very pepperminty smelling....of course he brazenly came again... I saw him immediately sniffing where I sprayed and halleluiah... he jumped of and ran away.....fingers crossed he stays away ! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

On Ghost Island...

this was done for the Virtural Paintout...where we travel 
with Google guy to places all over the world...this month is is Hashima, Japan
also known as Gunkanjima and The Ghost Island...It first was used for it's undersea coal the 1890's....villiage grew on top and concrete was used around was closed down in 1974 and the mine owner, Minolta demolished it people 3 months.. to leave....thus the ghostly feel to it if you can go there...only certain people can go inside and photo this scene there is a temple way up high that had steep steps going down..the boss lived up there. In the front on the right is
the school which still has desks and chalkboards..The red building I do not know anything
about it, except it is the reason I chose to stop and do my  ink/watercolor there...from captured photo.

You Gotta Know

the theme for Inktober in 2018 on this day the 17th is Country music.  I  know any friendly poker game I've ever been in usually has this sung by all at some time...I don't manage to do this fun Inktober  theme
work in October..but just occasionally...I tie myself up with things I love to do and stretch  myself thin sometimes...but not always..

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Midsomer Murders

I stared watching reruns of Midsomers Murders
 on Netflix...and the location they were
 investigating was  such a HUGE mansion....
I felt I HAD to sketch it---well just a corner
  of the back  I has so many
 chimneys etc. I can't imagine how long it
would take to see each room...for me maybe all day...

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Most Mornings

watching a, inspiring Sketch Book Skool
video by Koosje I really HAD to try doing
this "What did you do with your day" type
of post.....I love to take these classes---and
 will the rest of my life..they keep me in
 "touch" with like minds etc. and always
 learning is a good thing I think. Click to see better